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Services | For Uk accountancy firm

Accountancy Services for UK Accountancy Firms

We offer a wide range of Accounts and business support professional services

At Amber Solutions, we make it easy for our clients to complete, manage and file corporate and individual tax returns, small to medium and enterprise level documents and much more. We offer our clients intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use services combined with unmatched customer service and a team of chartered professional accounting experts passionate about providing the best customer experience possible.

Daily Or Weekly Accounting Entries

Daily Or Weekly Accounting Entries

Creating a daily routine for accounting tasks goes a long way in improving the accuracy and effectiveness of your company’s books. Refresh and update your financial data, reconcile cash and receipts, review and reconcile transactions, record inventory received. On weekly accounts we record payments you receipts; deposits of cash and cheques, invoice your clients and review employee timesheets. 

 vat return | VAT Returns Preparation

VAT Returns Preparation

If you are starting your business we will help you to decide whether you need to be registered for VAT at the start or that it's not suitable at the initial stages. Our accounts team will be in contact with you and advise you when you need to register for VAT. Amber's accounts and finance team will also take care of all VAT matters such as which scheme you need to register on, when you need to unregister, when your return is due, how to keep paper work and finally our team prepare and submit VAT returns on your behalf after signing off the work with us.

Bank And Credit Card Reconciliation - Entering credit card details

Bank And Credit Card Reconciliation

Though accounting software is widely popular with small business owners, companies still need to regularly compare their bank statements against their personal records. we  ensures that the business records are correct and helps your business spot any discrepancies, errors or fraudulent charges.

end of year accounts

Company Year-End Accounts

Every business has to deal with the year end accounts processes when the financial year ends. Ensuring your accounts are correctly filed is absolutely critical, but this can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Outsourcing your year-end accounting can benefit your practice in many ways like improve year-end accounts turnaround times, better client relationships, focus on advisory, scale your practice quicker and faster. Our year-end accounting service covers the preparation of working papers including control accounts and lead schedules, producing extended trail balance in Excel and softwares of your choice, nominal Analysis and reviews, balance sheet reconciliation, quality review, as well as filing of accounts with Companies House and HMRC.

Submission Of Annual Returns

Submission Of Annual Returns

An Annual return is a document that all registered companies must provide which contains the information about company's internal structure. We will aid you in the paperwork concerning filing deadline & penalties with our staff. We  will assist you with the Confirmation statement which must be filed within 14 days after the due date. We can aid you with Annual Return filing Services Form which can be submitted online through the Companies House ‘’Web Filing system’’, online submission of an Annual Returns for companies via its Web Filing system.

Budgets And Forecasting Reports

Budgets And Forecasting Reports

Budgeting and forecasting are vital components of financial planning that help a business in the decision-making process, which helps the business succeed. It must be noted that irrespective of the size of operation of the business, you will have to prepare a budget and forecast plan. With our outsource budgeting and forecasting services, you can be assured of having an accurate picture of your business. We provides clients with assistance for budgeting and forecasting services. You can outsource your budgeting and forecasting process to us and ensure that you benefit from it .

Management Accounts

Management Accounts

By providing accurate and timely financial information you will be able to better plan and assess the performance of business activities. For any business to continuously grow, a proper communication is crucial. Management accounting helps decision-makers in several ways. Referring, analysing, interpreting and concluding various derivatives from various financial reports aids business pursue their business goals and measure their possible outcomes and prepare for unprecedented situations.

Secretary Service And Support

Secretary Service And Support

Businesses are coming under an increasing number of compliance, legal and administrative burdens that are integral to running a business but can often distract directors from their core operations. Our team of experts provide a full range of supportive secretarial services and we offer specific project support through to a fully outsourced solution. We offers a variety of related corporate services which include drafting of articles of association, process agent and corporate legal services.

Personal Tax Returns accounting

Personal Tax Returns

Our highly qualified team of tax professionals will evaluate your financial situation and work with you to maximize your tax benefits, deductions, and credits, resulting in refunds as well as minimizing your balance owed. We can prepare and e-file your current tax returns; If you have any unfiled returns for previous the year, our tax experts can also help you file those returns, to ensure that you are in compliance with both HMRC and Companies House

corporation tax returns

Corporation Tax Returns

We have a team of experts who will help you take over-preparing and file your corporation tax return. We take time the time to understand each business thoroughly so we are able to minimise the tax liability legally. We also keep all our clients aware of all the deadlines, so they are prepared and ready to submit their documents before their time limit period. We will allow you to remain stress free and we will keep you updated with any accounts or tax returns that have been completed, so you can tick that task off your list.

accounts payable

Accounts Payable

Managing your accounts payable doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. . We offer quick and effective services that enable your organization to streamline their finance and accounting processes and achieve operational efficiencies. Our accounts payable services help you to meet your statutory requirements, optimise your cost by timely payment of bills and avoiding interest and penalties, optimising working capital management, getting vendor discounts, avoiding duplicate payments.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

We provide the expertise that will help your organization successfully execute the start-to-finish management of the Order to Cash cycle. Accounts receivable are an asset account, representing money that your customers owe you. The accounts receivable process is designed to provide healthy cash flow to support growth and profitability. Thus, you should have a plan in place for how you want to process this part of business accounting. 

credit control

Credit Control

Credit control processes help you ensure your company’s payment terms and policies are respected. Credit control is the first step in ensuring you are doing business with customers who accept your conditions and can pay you according to agreed-upon terms.


Payroll Processing

Our payroll service is all about managing companies’ payroll processes as seamlessly as possible. The Payroll processing is of high relevance for the organization's salaries, wages, bonuses, deductions, and net pay. It maintains the check system and records the transaction which is of high importance. Our approach to payroll processing is such that we take the stress out of it, reduce risk, render the entire process simple and save businesses money

Off Shoring Office ( White Label )

Off Shore Office ( White Label )

Outsourcing and offshoring, together can save you a significant amount of time and money. Unlike Outsourcing, Offshoring involves the geographical relocation of production and services. This gives you the opportunity to explore a far-reaching, highly qualified work force without compromising on quality of work.


FM - Fully Managed

There could be many reasons why you need a fully managed outsourced accounting solution.

Pursuing business growth, or considering retirement or closing your practice are very different reasons for needing a fully managed solution. Amber Business Solutions can deliver a tailored solution whatever your needs.


Hybrid Outsourcing

Hybrid Outsourcing - will amplify that support by also giving you an India Based Accountant as your right hand man. However, this isn’t just any Accountant, this is someone who has been a very Senior individual in the back office in India so their operational knowledge is also invaluable and will be supporting you with the back office.

Free trial for 2 weeks for accountancy firms and accountants

Are you a UK accountancy firm looking to outsource? Want to try if outsourcing will work for you? Why don’t you take up our absolutely no-obligation free trial offer?

Yes. Absolutely no-obligation to take up our service after the trial period. Just send us any job which would take up to 10 hours of work. We will do for free. No paper work to sign. We can start with your job immediately.

What jobs can we do on the free trial

  • Bookkeeping

  • Personal tax returns

  • Year-end tax returns

  • VAT returns

  • Year-end accounts

What software can we use during the free trial

  • Xero

  • Iris

  • TaxCalc

  • Sage

  • VT

  • Quickbooks

  • CCH

  • Digita

Your free trial also includes

  • 10 hours of accounting tasks (as assigned by you)

  • A project manager as single point of contact

  • Direct phone (UK number), Live chat and email support

  • Job review

  • Follow-up and next steps

Get In Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

     For Accountancy Firms

How accounting outsourcing works?

Step 1: You send us the information

You collect files and papers from your clients. You scan and upload it to our cloud file sharing server for us to access or send it via post to our UK office. Wherever possible, you can send the login credentials, spreadsheets or PDF documents.

Step 2: We prepare the accounts (as per your instructions)

We will review the information you send. If we need any additional information, we will email you. Upon receiving all necessary information, we will prepare and finalise the accounts. We will either use software from our office or remotely connect and use the accounting software at your office. Any adjustment or corrections will be made during this stage.

Step 3: You send it to your clients

We will send the working papers, backup files and reports as per your instructions. You can do a final review and send it to your clients. We can also submit to HMRC on your behalf.
What information do we need from you?
  • Bank statements

  • Credit card statements

  • Your client's receipts

  • Bills

  • Invoices

  • Credit notes

  • Purchase orders

  • Previous year's accounts

  • Any other relevant documents

How to send the information to us?
  • You upload your information to our Cloud file sharing server or Google drive (or)

  • Save documents in your computer and give us remote access (or)

  • You can also post the documents to our UK office

How do you communicate with our accountants?
  • You will have a dedicated account manager

  • Your account manager is available via a local UK phone number

  • They are also available to you via Skype and Email

Getting started
  • Contact us via email or phone

  • We will connect with you and gather your requirements

  • We will send necessary paperwork

  • You are now ready to start


Need more details ?


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