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 Hybrid Outsourcing - will amplify that support by also giving you a UK Based Accountant as your right hand man.

Hybrid Outsourcing


We all know great quality relationships are key to longevity, that’s personal as well as professional.

This is why we give you a UK Consultant and your own  experienced Accountant, from day one when you start working with us.


Our team has the knowledge and experience, which is invaluable of what it takes to run a UK front office and an Indian back office.

Even with this support structure we know that it can still be a bit daunting. So we would like to introduce Hybrid Outsourcing.

Hybrid Outsourcing - will amplify that support by also giving you an India Based Accountant as your right hand man. However, this isn’t just any Accountant, this is someone who has been a very Senior individual in the back office in India so their operational knowledge is also invaluable and will be supporting you with the back office.

We will always give you the right relationships at the right time to ensure you are fully supported from day one and for the entire relationship with ourselves.

Benefits Of Hybrid Outsourcing
  • Hybrid outsourcing ensures you have a UK accountant at hand who understands your business.  

  • You will have someone local who is contactable 7 days a week who speaks your language to support you and troubleshoot any issues.  

  • Our UK Amber accountants lead and train our offshore team to provide a high-quality service


  • Your UK accountant will periodically check the work produced by our offshore Amber team when needed to ensure quality.   

  • Our London HQ team are highly experienced senior accountants with over 200 years cumulative experience in the private and public /charity sectors in the UK.       


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