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At Amber Business Solutions, we make it easy for our clients to complete, manage and file corporate and individual tax returns, small to medium and enterprise level year-end accounts and much more. We offer our clients intuitive, convenient and easy-to-use services combined with unmatched customer service and a team of UK Chartered professional accounting experts passionate about providing the best customer experience possible. With a highly trained offshore team in Chennai we can offer competitive pricing, an expanding team to suit your needs, dedicated staff, round the clock service options and much more.

Our Uk & India Team

Our uk & India team


 Our ever growing team across India and the UK employs 30+ accountants, bookkeepers and business service providers. 

Experienced Accountants

Experienced Accountants for uk accountants

200+ years

 Our London qualified team of accountants have a wealth of experience working in the financial capital of the UK collectively for over 200 years


Industries - 30+ sectors


 Our London accountants have a huge bank of knowledge working in the private and public sector across 30+ industries.


Our History

In 2007 our CEO Sam Simon founded Simon & Co Accountants bringing together a group of experienced and motivated accountants to advise, assist and provide a service to help businesses and individuals with their accounts and growth.

Passionate about technology Sam has brought the team into the new age of Digital filling and Tax as well as offering to our clients online services such as cloud accounting and data sharing, online payments, online and social media chats with our team of bookkeepers and accountants to extend our reach and availability to our clients. 

We also like to help the wider community regularly training young budding accountants who have gone on to successfully attain jobs in financial institutions and multinationals in the UK.

History of Amber business solutions for uk accountants | uk accounting
Amber Business Solution - Qualities of our accounting team London HQ

Our Amber Team

We operate regular training in Corporate English to ensure fluency with customer communications and improve self-development. We encourage our team to take initiative to solve problems. We pride ourselves in training our staff in leadership skills to become well rounded employees and leaders of the future. Our team of highly qualified UK and India accountants train our younger recruits while they qualify to ensure a quality service.


We teach our staff to communicate confidently and contribute to company decisions including client and work management solutions. We teach our staff the benefits of flexibility and multi skilled personnel. Our senior team of highly experienced qualified accountants in the UK, lead, monitor and train our team of accountants in the UK and India. Amber regularly recruits new accountants and other professionals to expand and diversify our team in India and the UK.

BPO - Business process outsourcing for UK accountants

Business Process Outsourcing

Accounting & Business development services

let us do the math

Accounting Outsourcing

Accounting Outsourcing and financing, if done well, leads to a strong foundation for the business that can further it's growth. However, sometimes, businesses find it difficult to give the same attention to the accounting function as the other core business functions. This is where we can step in as your accounting outsourcing service provider to solve this issues for you.

Outsourced accounting services mean the provision of all the services handled by a full accounting department. The Accounting Outsourcing and financing, if done well, leads to a strong foundation for the business that can further the growth. services include dad-to-day entries, payroll management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliation, tax preparation and related services, financial reporting, and audits.

When you decide to outsource, you must identify the right outsourcing partner, plan it properly and give it sufficient time for execution. With Amber as your outsourcing partner you'll experience flexibility to match your needs and because we have offices in the UK as well as offshore you will find we are culturally a good fit for you.We have the ability and an outstanding track record of executing the project and more importantly bringing in knowledge and a value addition to you.

Companies with clear outsourcing strategies have enjoyed great success in outsourcing and have outgrown their competition. To stay competitive, it is important for you as a business to rethink your strategy. Find out areas where you do not create value to the customers and offload these tasks to us, Amber Business Solutions, your outsourcing partner.

Accounting outsourcing for UK Accountants

Our Core Values

Our passion on accounting


We have a tireless ambition to be the best. We will help you grow as a business, to develop and solve problems, lead process improvements, analyze data to guide you,  participate in strategic decision making and make strategic recommendations decision making.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity

Our professionals work with honest feedback and transparent communication with our clients, discussing their financial information clearly and openly.

We keep financial information of our clients confidential and safe.

Team Work

Team Work

We have a never give up attitude, we promise to always look and find a solution to any given problem.  We do our best at all times which creates hope, growth and a sense of achievement. We are always optimistic and positive in everything we do.

Organizational Skill

Organisational Skills

 We work employing strong organisational skills, to manage deadlines. Since we deal with a range of clients document we endeavour to keep these documents in order to manage each client’s data efficiently. Our team knows that deciding how to use our time effectively knowing what tasks require immediate attention and which can be delayed, and for how long, is crucial to proper time management.


Accountability for accountants

We are able to be aware of the situation at hand, owning the problem, finding solutions and making things happens. We honor commitments to our customers and to one another, We don’t settle for excuses, so for our customers we take responsibility to accomplish our work, on-time, with the highest quality possible.



We have a tireless ambition to be the best. We will help you grow as a business, to develop and carve out success.



We have are innovative at problem-solving, as well as adaptable and flexible as to how problems are solved.  When we survey clients, we overwhelmingly get positive feedback on our creativity as individuals and as a company in solving their toughest problems.

Emphazing Accurancy needed for accountant

Emphasising Accuracy

We strongly believe in what we do, what we say and what we write. We always aim to act professionally and remain true to our core values and principles. In all circumstances, we strive to be proud of our team.

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